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3-4 days course

With the level 3 stars of AIDA international education system, the goal is to become an advanced and more independent freediver. But watch out! independent does not mean to dive alone... After that course, you will be able to safely manage with any experienced buddy some "on your own" training sessions. Got it? Certainly never dive alone.

Obviously during this level we will go deeper and longer. More safety skills also are to be acquired and demonstrated, since safety will always be the most important aspect to consider during your freediving career. The theory classes will also get more precise, deeper in the subject and your understanding of the science underlying freediving will definitely become more accurate.

Same way than for the AIDA level 2 stars, you can do this course in 3 or 4 days. 3 days are generally enough but it can be nice to profit of an extra day to do some more dives or breathold max attempts to integrate that new knowledge and skills of yours. Feel free to choose.

This course includes a digital theory support, freediving student insurance and AIDA international certification fees. But it does not include the rental of freedive equipment. 

Requirements: 24m CWT, STA, DYN, safety, rescue and buddying skills, exam

Considering prices of these courses, please have a look at our pricelist or send us an email. Package price for level 2 and 3 taken together on 5 days and possibility of group arrangements are negociable. Max. amount of participants per course: 4.

AIDA courses are the way to go, don't wait any further and book your course now.