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Faith is always deep, just stay in one piece.
Need some help for that ? 

What do people contact me for?

Usually people wish to meet me to fix some freediving skills issues, but also to organise their training in order to achieve the expected success, to have my insights about some life decisions to take, to have answers and advices about their spiritual practice but also to learn and deepen new practices such as kechari mudra or astral projection. It's really up to you to make the first step. If you even slightly believe you need my help, do the step, i'm here for you.

Be sure we will make good work together, whatever your problem is. We will have time to exactly spot what your issue is and through various exercices and homeworks, you'll get over it. You can book one session to start and if needed you'll book some more afterwards.

"Freediving Dry Skills"
There are an amazing amount of exercices that a freediver can, should, must do on dry land.

Our most popular session: dry equalisation ;)

Training freediving only in the water is not a good idea. To really improve your skills, you must know and practice a lot of skills that you can train on dry land. Relaxation, breathing exercices, stretching, equalisation... which tools to use and how. Theses sessions are meant for freedivers who want to improve and not loose time while far from water or out of freediving season. Follow a course, learn new technics, explain your difficulties and let yourself be guided through debriefings, exercices, advices and so on.

Issues about equalisation can usually be fixed in one session only. If you wish to discover all techniques and dry exercices from your first frenzel to a hands free mouthfill, better to count 3 sessions alltogether.

"(Re)discover your Breath and Relax"
breathing theory and exercises, pranayama, breathold training.
Best would be that you are two persons following this session(s), mostly if you are interested into improving your breathold times. This way you can practice together after it. Buddies, husband and wife, partners... It's a question of safety. I don't want you to feel dizzy or worse in front of your screen without anybody able to assist you in case. 

In 3 sessions you will perfectly know how to perform healthy and simple breathing exercises. You will also learn how to easily and safely hold your breath and how to prolong this moment. What is hyperventilation and how does it work? What is a deep breath? How long can i hold my breath?

The advantages of a healthy breathing knowledge and of the ability of holding your breath are many and are definitely worth to (re)discover. No need to be a freediver here or even an expert of meditation. You need help to achieve a better and more healthy way to breathe for more vitality, weight loss, awareness and energy. Here you go, you'll learn a lot.

"Discover zen meditation"
how to practice zen meditation and associated meditative exercises.

This is a one on one course during which you will learn how to sit into the zen meditation posture. I will explain you how to take the right posture for your legs so you can practice comfortably and i'll also teach you the different meditative ways.

Step by step you will also learn other meditative exercises that will bring you a broader view of spiritual practice. How to breathe and how to handle the flow of your thoughts, how to settle a meditation space and what are the assets for helping home meditation practice and more are also part of the program.

Since integrating the practice of meditation in life is a deep and slow process, i sincerely advice you to book 3 sessions. This way, you can efficiently profit of a follow up in time, learn at your pace and get to be transmitted pearls of awakening.

Private meeting with spiritual authority. Confess and get beyond.

You will have a meeting with Zen Master Kosho about anything you would like to. This is not a bar discussion or a course, nor a theory lesson... this time, it's all and only about you. What is your real wish in life? Did you find the way? What about achieving inner peace and transcending all existence obstacles? Maybe there is something you need to confess, or you need help to stand in your power again... or like many you need help to let go of something, abandon your ego.
Bodhisattvas, monks, Buddhas and patriarchs have always been here to support and help those who wish to find their way to a good, healthy, happy and altruistic life.

Book just one session and we'll figure it out together 

Let's build a plan together. Vision, strategy, action. Follow-up 

Here you stand knowing what are your goals and objectives. Let's make them become true. Following your ambition we will build a program together. It can include nutrition changes, fitness program implementation, scheduling windows for training and resting, follow up of your results and achievement, meditative exercises and visualisation, positive empowerment and redesigning of targets... all of what is needed when achievement is in the line of mire.
You want to become a Buddha or the deepest man of your universe? let's get in touch and do this!

Coaching plan that will include multiple sessions and chat debriefs.

Up to you to customize your session if you feel the need. Mention it all in the contact box.

Maybe you don't really know... or in the opposite you exactly know what you need for your way of success. Take contact and i'll build you the sessions you need for going forward in life and achievements with confidence and empowerment. Weight loss, happiness, inner peace, self compassion, training and fitness, meditation, discipline, records, competition, independence, stability... In all cases, you deserve to receive help and support

Get in touch so we can settle down the ways to go

"Lucid Dreaming and Astral Travel"
Make of your sleeping time the opportunity to travel through consciousness dimensions

Learning how to sustain your consciousness beyond sleep, learning how to manage your subconscious and travel through dimensions... this is where lucid dreaming and astral travel enter the great game of life and existence. Exercices, technics, tricks and specific meditations i will share with you will allow you to discover a complete new space of realities we live in.

It is an intense process and a big load of information to integrate. A follow-up and a strong commitment into homework and practice is obviously needed. Best would be to book 5 to 10 sessions and spread your learning along 3 to 6 months.

"Kechari Mudra"
Certainly one of the most sacred secret technics one could achieve. Taste the necatr amrita and realise spiritual liberation

Kosho is a master of Kechari Mudra and learning from him is an immense opportunity. You will discover all exercices and technics in order to achieve this mudra safely and with success. 

Kechari is not easy to tame and you must expect having to follow multiple sessions for about 3 to 6 months. 3 sessions is a minimum.

Know also that kechari asks a lot from the practitioner and will push you to discover states of consciousness that can be confronting. To know how to practice zen meditation is definitely a must for the integration of kechari mudra.

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