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Meet Loïc "Kosho" Vuillemin from the comfort of your home


Deep Zen offers online support. Meet the monk Kosho during a video session and enjoy his vast knowledge about freediving, meditation, bodymind, consciousness and beyond...

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Step 1 - book your session and please go through payment

Step 2 - Contact me by any available ways so we can discuss how you would like your session to be customised and schedule date and time

Step 3 - you will receive a zoom link to access the speech room in which it will happen.

PRICES: 1 session: 22 euros | 3 sessions: 55 euros | 5 sessions: 88 euros 

Here you can book online sessions with Kosho.


The subjects you can go through depend on your goals and personal interests.

Here under are examples, i'll anyway build your very own session regarding your wishes and expectations. Most people just explain me what are their needs and we go with that.


Sessions last a little more than an hour.


Payment and registration are to perform 48h before desired time window for your session(s).

"Lucid Dreaming and Astral Travel"

Make of your sleeping time the opportunity to travel through consciousness dimensions

Learning how to sustain your consciousness beyond sleep, learning how to manage your subconscious and travel through dimensions... this is where lucid dreaming and astral travel enter the great game of life and existence. Exercices, technics, tricks and specific meditations i will share with you will allow you to discover a complete new space of discovery of the realities we live in.


Let's build a plan together. Vision, strategy, action. Follow-up 

Here you stand knowing what are your goals and objectives. Let's make them become true. Following your ambition we will build a program together. It can include nutrition changes, fitness program implementation, scheduling windows for training and resting, follow up of your results and achievement, meditative exercises and visualisation, positive empowerment and redesigning of targets... all of what is needed when achievement is in the line of mire.


You want to become a Buddha or the deepest man of your universe?

 let's get in touch and do this!

"Freediving Dry Skills"

There are an amazing amount of exercices that a freediver can, should, must do on dry land.

Our most popular session: dry equalisation ;)

Training freediving only in the water is not a good idea. To really improve your skills, you must know and practice a lot of skills that you can train on dry land. Relaxation, breathing exercices, stretching, equalisation... which tools to use and how. Theses sessions are meant for freedivers who want to improve and not loose time while far from water or out of freediving season. Follow a course, learn new technics, explain your difficulties and let yourself be guided through debriefings, exercices, advices and so on.


Private meeting with spiritual authority. Confess and get beyond.

You will have a meeting with Zen Master Kosho about anything you would like to. This is not a bar discussion or a course, nor a theory lesson... this time, it's all and only about you. What is your real wish in life? Did you find the way? What about achieving inner peace and transcending all existence obstacles? Maybe there is something you need to confess, or you need help to stand in your power again... or like many you need help to let go of something, abandon your ego.


Bodhisattvas, monks, Buddhas and patriarchs have always been here to support and help those who wish to find their way to a good, healthy, happy and altruistic life.