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Sharm el Sheikh - Dahab 

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Discover your Breath

a first step beyond yourself

The course Discover your Breath is a half day session during which DeepZen and the Monk Kosho propose you to do a first step into the discovery of your breathing and breathold abilities. This course is meant to be happening on dry land only.

The course starts with a first batch of theory about circulatory and respiratory systems. Then we'll switch to more practical exercises about how to prepare, perform, manage and recover from a breathold. Once relaxed, focused and ready, we'll hold our breath for long... actually much longer than you imagine.

A very nice, instructive and entertaining course for the beginners and the complete newbies. Designed for everyone, you don't need to specifically be attracted by freediving in the water but feel more like discovering what mindset exists beyond breathing.

Warmly advised to anyone.