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El Fanar Beach - Sharm el Sheikh

Discover your Breath

Discover your breath and dive into pranayama and breathwork. Max 2 persons. Find here all needed infos about your course. Don't forget to contact us for scheduling your course.

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Discover your Breath
Discover your Breath

Time & Location

Heure à définir

El Fanar Beach - Sharm el Sheikh, El Fanar Beach, El Fanar St.، UMM EL SID HILL، SHARM EL SHEIKH، South Sinai Governorate, Égypte

About the event

Deep Zen Meditation and Freediving course - "Discover your Breath"

Deep Zen Meditation and Freediving course "Discover your Breath" is a half day session during which you will discover new ways of breathing and start training your ability to hold your breath. A perfect way to reeducate your breath, to find more vitality and to improve control over your self.

This course is specifically designed to be given on dry land only. It can also, upon request, be followed online (2 persons are then required). ​

Theory: breathing physiology

The course starts with a little bit of theory about circulatory and respiratory systems. How to breathe fully in and out, what are diaphragmatic contractions and how to recognise them, how to prepare a breathold and recover from it... All this is very important so you know what actually happens during a breathold. You will be demonstrated and suggested routines and breathing rituals to implement into your daily life for more energy.

Practice: pranayama, relaxation and apnea

After theory, we'll switch to more practical exercises: how to prepare, perform, manage and recover from a breathold. 

What is the breathing cycle and how to achieve relaxation is what you will practice during this second part. Then only you will try your first breatholds and experience what lays beyond breath with the help of the monk Kosho who will closely monitor you at all times. Relaxed, focused and ready, eventually helped by the smooth and relaxing coaching voice of your instructor you'll be able to hold your breath for long... actually much longer than you imagine. Most Deep Zen students are able to achieve a breathold that lasts more than 2 min 30 at their first trials.

A very nice, instructive and entertaining course for the beginners and the complete newbies. Designed for everyone, you don't need to specifically be attracted by freediving in the water. If you feel more like discovering what kind of mindsets exist beyond breathing and into the exercise of breathold , this course has been completely thought for you. ​ 

Warmly advised to anyone. Suitable for children from age 7yo. No specific equipment needed.

DURATION OF THE COURSE: around 3 hours​

PRICE: 60 euros per person

​INSTRUCTOR / STUDENTS RATIO: 3 students maximum (for bigger groups, please contact the monk Kosho)

​LOCATION: Usually Fanar Beach in Sharm el Sheikh (also upon request, in the comfort of your home for example)

As a complete beginner, but as skilled smimmer, you can also choose to step in straight into AIDA1 freediving course or AIDA2 freediving course

You can find some more information about the course "Discover your Breath" and about other freediving course here:


  • Discover your Breath

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