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How to enroll for your first freediving course ?

There are mainly two things that you want to be sure about prior to register for a freediving course. The first one is if you are fit to it and if you understand the risks related to that sport, the second one is if i'm available with all the equipment it takes to have you perfectly comfortable at your choosen dates. Oh, please also make sure you have already done some snorkeling one good day of your life and/or that you know how to swim properly without assistance for at least 100m. This said, let's check in details how to go through these 2 main points. BEING FIT? CAN I FREEDIVE? MEDICAL STATEMENT - DOCUMENT 1 You don't need to be in your best shape to freedive, don't worry. Freediving is not only for athletes and V shaped kamikazes, it's also for anyone, as for your level, for your fun and comfort. We just want to make sure nothing big is going on with you. So the first step would be to check the medical statement.  Read carefully the questions and if you have any doubt about your level of fitness, vitality or health, please check the opinion of a doctor and ask him/her to sign the present document.  Freediving is not snorkeling and even less scuba diving ; avoiding to share physical issues with your instructor can bring you and/or him/her in serious trouble. Please make sure nothing goes against you before to book your travel, course, etc... Freedivers are very in touch with their health and vitality, it is then normal for them to regularly go through medical check ups. But be wise, freedive instructors, even if very experienced in water related injuries, fitness and else, are not doctors and can't take any legal responsabilities considering your health. You'll see in that document that no questions is to confronting and if you're drawn to freediving, it's certainly that you already have the required level of fitness. ASSUMPTION OF RISKS - LIABILITY - DOCUMENT 2 There will be some theory sessions during your aida courses that are meant to make you sensitive about the risks of freediving and how to face them with expertise and calm. But even if accidents are very unusual, freediving is or can be a very dangerous activity. It is expected from you that you understand and recognise the risks before to start your course.  Your instructor is here to lead you through the course and make sure all goes well from start to finish, but shit can happen and some understanding of what we are going to go through together is critical. First Paperwork done ! When your medical statement and assumption of risk are cleared out, meaning the basic paperworks are done, you're ready to enroll for your course. Contact me... I'm easily reachable with Whatsapp at this number +201004310073. Once in contact, we will simply plan the remaining details : dates, course(s), equipment, AIDA registration, insurance registration and duration of your training mostly.  Don't wait to much for that part since i'm not always available. If needed, i can help you to organise your stay. Once points 1 and 2 are cleared out, we will go through prepayment, AIDA registration and insurance registration.  When all that is done, you are finally ready to start.

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