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Deep Zen Meditation & Freediving - Sharm el Sheikh and Worldwide - Newsletter n1

Hi Everybody,

This is the very first newsletter from

You receive that newsletter because you registered for it on my website or because your adress is part of my personal adress book. If you don't want to receive it (as you can imagine, there are not much of them), you may find a link to unsuscribe below.

So, what are the news?

Freediving Competitions

From 15th to 22nd of November, the last part of the Freediving World Cup 2021 will be held in Sharm el Sheikh. This competition is shared in 4 parts and leads to an overall ranking and podium. I scored second at the 2 first ones and first at the third, I then believe to be in some kind of pole position to be ending this competition with a very nice overall score. I'm really enthusiastic about it, also because it is the last depth competition of the year. I do need a break from constantly being competing and look forward to give into others subjects also. I'm now powered by a monofin and hope to set a new national record for Switzerland in the discipline of CWT.

For those of you who don't know what are my achievements in freediving competitions, you may want to have a look at this page:

Teaching Freediving in Sharm el Sheikh

After that competition, from 23rd of November 2021, I will be available for teaching. Since I'm based in Sharm el Sheikh, that's where it's most easy for me to teach. The spot I managed to have equipped features various depths from 22 to 60+ meters and is found inside the beautiful reef of Ras Um Sid, also simply called Fanar Beach, in the south of Sharm el Sheikh, Hadaba. We dive from top quality 2beFree buoy with full safety, easy access to shore and all what is necessary for eventual emergencies.

Check some datas about Fanar Beach:

Freediving Master Instructor at AIDA international

Recently upgraded Master Instructor by the Board of Aida International, I can now teach, with certifications, all levels of Freedivers in the AIDA system, from beginners to experts. I can also provide PADI and EFR (first aid) certifications. This is great news if your goal is to pass some freediving degrees all the way to Assistant Instructor.

All infos about courses, training sessions and prices can be found on this page:

Freediving the winter in Sharm el Sheikh

Some people already manifested their will of training and learning with my guidance in December and January, so do not hesitate to join a crew and to enjoy together the warm waters of Sharm el Sheikh. Now the water is at 26°c all the way to the bottom, it may go down until 21°c in mid February, never less.

Maybe that link can help you plan your stay:

Coral Hills is a affordable hotel in Hadaba. You'll discover a few good rates hotels in that same street. It makes it very close-by the pool we use for some trainings and at 5min of taxi from Fanar Beach.

Online Sessions and learning:

I'm developing all inclusive courses about freediving and meditation that will be available on DeepZen during the winter. Stay tuned for their launch. Until then and also after, remember that you can get some tips on my YouTube channel and book online zoom sessions if you need specific help.

Zen meditation retreats:

You have been many to ask me where and when there will be retreats and since freediving competitions will take a lesser part of my days in 2022, I plan to organise a first Zen meditation retreat close-by Cairo in the beginning of April. Again, stay tuned... You don't want to miss this opportunity. The dates of that event shall be released soon.

If you feel like organising one where you live during 2022, certainly don't hesitate to contact me, it will be a real pleasure and honor to study this possibility together.


August and the first half of September are ideal moments to travel out of Sharm el Sheikh and escape from the summer heat. I obviously plan to travel to Switzerland but also to France in order to visit my temple and the Go N Sea fins factory located close-by. Want to join me? Get in touch

Ecology and marine conservation:

My little project of coral nursery along the 22m bottom line we use to Freedive in Sharm el Sheikh has been accepted by local authorities. I'm eager to start and document this experience. I've been following courses about coral conservation and reef protection during this year and look forward to put all that in practice. Making the tourists and local population aware of the fragility of marine ecosystem is one goal in the middle of many.

Sincerely, we must all do something practical to provide better care to our environment and I look forward to this experience being an additional fun while freediving in Fanar.

That's about it for now. Looking forward to give you more news soon, after the competition.

Please have a look at who are those who support me:

And if you feel concerned by helping my activities with financial support, make sure to visit:

Be all blessed and happy

Have faith and keep it deep

Kosho Loïc Vuillemin

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