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Sharm el Sheikh - Dahab 

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from perfect training buddy to competition freediver

The monk Kosho is very safety oriented. Not only he has been in charge of all safety equipment and maintenance of Yujo Nyusanji zen temple in south of France, but also he has been a student of the very famous safety diver and chief Steven Keenan from whom he learned a lot.
Working as professional safety diver in Andrea Zuccari's freediving school in Sharm el Sheikh, the monk Kosho is also very skilled in rescuing divers in difficulty: cramps, exhaustion, sambas and blackouts have been his daily job during months.
Official competition judge, Kosho is allowed to teach and certify safety freedivers. 
Learning safety and be really skilled at it is the best you can do to be the perfect buddy whith whom everyone will want to train.
Never dive aloneAllways dive with an experienced buddyBe this guy that everybody trusts