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Freedive equipment to try / for sale in Sharm el Sheikh

I do have some equipment and goodies that i can let you try and buy, but only in Sharm el Sheikh (no shipping possibility). Monofins, bifin blades, noseclips, EQ tools, lanyards... Contact me to set an appointment. 

Sport & Fitness equipment in Sharm el Sheikh and Dahab

Best sport and fitness equipment of Sinai can be found in Sport's Corner. Both Dahab and Sharm el Sheikh shops are owned and run by Ahmed Attiah, freediver and fitness practicionner. Quality equipment, the staff is there to advice you and give you customer feedback on what has been previously sold. All kinds of sports are represented, from home fitness to outdoor activities. Great shops, great staff, warmly adviced to all.


Deep Zen Meditation & Freediving T-shirts, hoodies, goodies, ...


T-shirts, hoodies and a large choice of clothings in the Deep Zen Shop.


We work with Spreadshirt so your transaction is completely secure.

The size does not fit or you want to change the color? everrything is made to give you the perfect shopping experience.


Freediving specialized gear: wetsuits, bifins


Really high quality of freediving and spearfishing equipment, custom wetsuits, t-shirts... 


Freediving technical and safety equipment: lanyards, pulleys, noseclips


Great pieces of engineering made by Kimmo Lahtinen. Various sizes and excellent quality of noseclip. Very reliable lanyards, safe and long lasting. Spare parts available online. The safest and most taken care of safety and individual equipment amongst all.


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