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Freediving Training - Coached Sessions

Get along training with Kosho Loïc Vuillemin at your side

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DeepZen proposes the services of the monk Kosho Loïc Vuillemin for specific coaching or safety buddying. 

Experienced in following and assisting athletes in their training, Kosho has the eye to see where improvements can be implemented. Compassion, support and positive empowerment are the great match to an harmonious way of training. No push, no hassle, just the best of yourself.

Using Kosho Loïc Vuillemin's help, your dives will not only become deeper and safer but also more integrated into your dive and life styles.


PRICE: please check all prices here

INSTRUCTOR / STUDENTS RATIO: 3 students maximum (for bigger groups, please contact the monk Kosho)

REQUIREMENTS: Paperworks, basic swimming skills, snorkeling skills - Be 18 years of age or older (16 or 17 years old with parent or guardian consent) - Have at least completed the AIDA1 course or any freediving course from another freediving agency

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