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Freediving Training - Coached Sessions

Get along training with Kosho Loïc Vuillemin at your side

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Deep Zen proposes the services of the monk Kosho Loïc Vuillemin and assistants for specific coaching or safety buddying. 

Experienced in following and assisting not only students but also athletes in their training, Kosho has the eye to see where improvements can be implemented. Compassion, support and positive empowerment are the great match to an harmonious way of training. No push, no hassle, just the best of yourself. 

Using Kosho Loïc Vuillemin's help, your dives will not only become deeper and safer but also more integrated into your dive and lifestyle.

"I can help you evolve with your freediving style. Not everybody is meant to have fun or to find their own way doing competitions; your objectives may be completely different. These training sessions are meant to have you integrate all needed skills for comfortable dives up to 50m and beyond. Understand these sessions are training ones and not courses: use them to integrate your level until you feel ready for the next one and let yourself be guided or advised if necessary."


Accessible for freedivers with minimum AIDA 2 certification or equivalent.


PRICE: please check all prices here 

INSTRUCTOR / STUDENTS RATIO: 3 students maximum (for bigger groups, please contact the monk Kosho)

- be at least AIDA 2 or equivalent (please make sur to be able to show your certification) 
- accept to go through a skills check at limited depth during 1rst session
- bring your own equipment, no rental available
- be able to join a group and follow all safety guidelines
- join at least for 3 sessions over a week

- enroll for the next level course... AIDA 3, AIDA 4, INSTRUCTOR, YOUTH INSTRUCTOR, SAFETY FREEDIVER...
- go through "equalisation dry clinic"
- get along with private coaching
- stay and gain experience with the master program
- take contact and explain what your objectives are about...

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