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Sharm el Sheikh offers various freediving sites that are totally beautiful and we'll be really keen to make them discover to you during one of our excursions or upon request. Usually, to give freediving courses, we go to Fanar Beach in the divesite called Ras Umm Sid, on the extreme south of Sharm el Sheikh. This great place features a lot of comfort for freedivers: showers, toilets, restaurants, cafe, transats and a very convenient jetty to go in the water without hassle.

Available depths close to the shore go from 25m to 65m. To reach the buoy where you'll do your freediving course, you'll swim less than 2 minutes which makes it very safe and very convenient. Wildlife and corals are abundant and just around, you'll find also shallower depths for those who are more into snorkeling than into pure freediving. It has it all and it obviously allows you to come with your family and friends. No need to mention that the staff there is very friendly and speaks an incredible amount of languages.

During summer, the water easily reaches 30 degrees. In february and march, the coldest months, the water may reach a minimum of 21 degrees but never less. Obviously, there is no thermocline and so the water will stay the same temperature all the way down. Visibility is often more than 20 meters.

El Fanar Beach is accessible with the main road and in case of emergency, you can be sure that ambulances will be there in about 10 minutes. Because of the presence of scuba divers, the staff of Fanar is skilled in oxygen administration and medical oxygen is available at all time. Sharm el Sheikh also features an hyperbaric chamber. We chose that place for its safety and beauty, so that your experience of freediving can be done in a safe and secure environnement. Why would you look somewhere else for following your freediving course?

This place is known from everyone since magestic sunsets can be seen there and so it won't be a hassle to explain to your taxi driver where to go. Many people also go there to see the moon rising behind Tyran Island. Truely beautiful.

As it is very usual in Sharm el Sheikh, the entrance to the beach is not free and you'll have to pay a fee of 100 egyptian pounds or 60 egyptian pounds if you have a long term visa.

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