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Deep Zen: Meditation and Freediving Education


By the monk Kosho - Zen master (Deshimaru-Kosen lineage) - AIDA Freedive Instructor

Deep Zen is willing to be an holistic approach of depth: zen meditation, freediving, improvement, determination and ethical commitment are the keys.

When one practices depth, whether in meditation and/or freediving, the mind is left at its most peaceful state, relaxed, almost abandonned. Heart is silent, breath is suspended, the deep and true healing alchemy begins... 

To do the real and direct experience of depth through the practice of Zen and Freediving, together as a whole or independently, is what Deep Zen and the monk Kosho invite you to. 

Freediving courses and lessons, coaching, zen retreats and Deep Zen workshops, articles and blog... Find here what you need to bring more depth into your life. 

> Until october 2019 (at least) Deep Zen is based in South Sinaï (Sharm el Sheikh, Dahab). Come and visit <

Welcome on Deep Zen website.


Who is the monk Kosho? 

> a great soul in a big body <

Loïc Vuillemin (CH) from his birth name became the monk Kosho at age 20. Since then, intensive practice and spirit of service made him the dedicated person he is today. Certified Zen Master inside Deshimaru-Kosen lineage in 2013, he became, with the guidance of late Steven Keenan, an Aida freedive instructor in early 2017. Co-founder and keeper of Yujonyusanji temple during almost 10 years, Kosho has lately decided to walk again in the social world, acting as an authentic monk, freedive instructor and competition athlete. 

The monk Kosho is also a loving husband and a caring father.


General infos 


The practice of Freediving

The practice of Freediving triggers a deep improvement of your awareness: not only of what is happening to your body during the dive but also of how your mind handles it all. With practice, a fearless, centered and more focused version of yourself will appear. 
The process of reaching depth through freediving is intense, fast and life changing. But no need to push performances, depths are first a matter of harmony.
You want to experience Freediving the Zen way? You are the exact place for that :)

Pricelist for 2019-2020

You'll find here everything about the financial aspects of Deep Zen services. Freediving courses, online coaching, safety services and lessons, zen classes, meditation retreats and so on...
Deep Zen prices are fair, packages and group prices can be negociated in certain ways.

Freediving courses for children

Children are often very keen to discover their ability to breathe, breathold and to practice this fascinating sport which is freediving. The monk Kosho proposes specifically designed courses for children aged at least 8 years old and able to swim. The courses are organised in pools and also in open waters when possible. Theory, games and exercises for a safe moment of discovery and fun... Parents are welcome to join :)

Teachings & Services

Courses, workshops & E-learning

Integrated and modern ways to get in touch with the practice of Zen and Freediving... and deepen it! 


AIDA Courses 

AIDA courses are perfect modules to learn freediving. Basic, precise and high quality, these courses feature theory sessions as much as dry, pool and open water exercises. They are organised in 4 levels all to all. All levels include certification, insurance and theory outline. That's the best way to start freediving...

DEEP ZEN Courses and Workshops

Deep Zen courses are meant to be more holistic than the AIDA ones. Featuring zen meditation classes, specific breathing exercises, pranayama and empathic coachings as much as courses of human physiology, underwater physics and chemistry, these learning modules will of course bring you in the water for you to discover and deepen your ability to hold your breath, equalize and freedive. The great and only method to learn freediving the zen way.

Online Coaching and Guidance 

Zen Master, Freedive instructor and competition athlete... you may want to get in contact with the monk Kosho for more specific and individual coaching, advice and support.
Many people struggle with their mind and experience difficulties in finding their way in life, whether they are athletes or not, meditators or not. The zen way is simple, unconscious, direct and natural. 

Online Zen Classes

These 5 sessions classes are given during a live online, comfortably installed where you feel good. The zen courses of the monk Kosho will bring you an overall solid knowledge of what is zen: its practices, history, general concepts and main masters to say the least. 5 sessions of 1 hour each which will totally bring you to get a grasp on what you ever wanted to know about zen without daring to ask... Precious!


Contact the monk Kosho

Certainly don't hesitate to contact me for anything you would not be able to find on this website. Talk to you soon... in French, English or Spanish.
> Deep Zen is based in South Sinai, Egypt, until at least October 2019. Come and visit! <


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