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Faith is always deep, just stay in one piece.

What do people contact me for?

Usually people wish to meet me to fix some freediving skills issues, but also to organise their training in order to achieve the expected success, to have my insights about some life decisions to take, to receive answers and advices about their spiritual practice but also to learn and deepen new practices such as kechari mudra, lucid dreaming or astral projection. It's really up to you... just make the first step.

If you even slightly believe you need my help, do the step, i'm here for you.

We will make good work together, whatever your problem is. We will take time to exactly spot what your issue is and through various exercices and homeworks, we'll get you over it.

You can book one session to start and if needed you'll book some more afterwards.

Sessions happen on zoom and last 40 minutes.

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