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Tue, Oct 01


Sharm Al Shiekh

October & November 2024 | Deep Zen Freediving Weeks | Training & Courses | Sharm el Sheikh

Join Kosho Loïc Vuillemin and his team for your training and certifying courses, but also for equalisation masterclasses, tailored coaching, fun dives, videos sessions and meditation workshops. A month dedicated to coaching, efficient knowledge transmission and absolute enjoyment.

October & November 2024 | Deep Zen Freediving Weeks | Training & Courses | Sharm el Sheikh
October & November 2024 | Deep Zen Freediving Weeks | Training & Courses | Sharm el Sheikh

Time & Location

Oct 01, 2024, 9:00 AM – Dec 02, 2024, 5:00 PM

Sharm Al Shiekh, El Fanar Beach, Sharm Al Shiekh, South Sinai Governorate 46628, Egypt

About the event


A full month to discover, practice and master the subtleties of freediving. Courses and masterclasses, practice and personalized coaching at sea and on dry land, the presence of Kosho Loïc Vuillemin, founder of Deep Zen Meditation & Freediving, AIDA instructor trainer and current Swiss record holder in CWT, FIM and CWTB; an ideal spot, videos and images for the debrief and memories, the possibility of passing your AIDA levels (all levels), equipment to test, a shop and great people to meet... in short, everything is there for an exceptional month full of great teachings.


We of course advise you to block out the whole month and register for the entire event. You will thus benefit from the entire options and will be able to participate in all the workshops that appeal to you. For those who have less availability, we offer other options such as participating in one-off events or only on certain days or weeks. Whatever you decide in the end, we cannot urge you any more to contact us today so that we can register you, guide you or possibly plan a program specific to your needs.

We will happily help you arrange your accommodation and can organize outback excursions for you if you wish.


To participate in the activities (apart from those planned in the classroom such as masterclasses and theoretical courses), you must first have given us a signed medical questionnaire and a risk acceptance charter. You will be able to take out insurance if you wish. Freediving is a sport that presents certain dangers and we are very keen to preserve your safety and integrity when practicing this sport.

In addition to these documents, we ask that you can swim effectively and that you are comfortable using a diving mask and snorkel.


The requirements to be certified at these levels are important and it is hardly conceivable to do it at the last minute. If you wish to apply for level 4 certification or that of AIDA freediving instructor, contact Kosho Loïc Vuillemin as soon as possible to set up your learning program ahead of June The ability offered by Loïc to provide online support will save you valuable time.


You will need to have your own equipment to participate in the sea sessions. Although it will eventually be possible to rent equipment, we nevertheless recommend that you bring your own to optimize your comfort and/or familiarize yourself with it if necessary. We are happy to help you acquire the necessary equipment; do not hesitate to contact us to receive our advice on this matter.

You will need at least a neoprene suit, a mask and snorkel, fins and a safety lanyard. At best, don't hesitate to bring all your freediving gadgets.


AIDA 2 certifying course

During this month dedicated to freediving training, you can sign up for an AIDA course. The entry level is level 1 but if you are already used to snorkeling and diving a few meters underwater, you can register for level 2 directly. Over three days, you will learn how to breathe to achieve long static apneas, you will go snorkeling the reef and learn to descend vertically along a rope up to a maximum of 20m. You will follow theoretical courses and will be familiarized with the concepts of safety and emergency rescue skills. AIDA Level 2 is a complete freediving course and the opportunity for a memorable experience.

Once certified level 2 of AIDA, or if you already have equivalent training, you can then register for level 3.

AIDA 3 certifying course

AIDA Level 3 is an advanced level during which you will learn the basics of training and deepen your knowledge and practice of freediving disciplines. How to increase your tolerance to CO2, understand the challenges of deep diving and the necessary safety conditions, AIDA level 3 is a complete 4-day course for those who wish to become experienced freedivers and capable of organizing their training sessions with friends or in a club. Alike the AIDA level 2 program, AIDA 3 features static apnea, snorkeling, vertical rope diving and a theoretical exam.

AIDA courses are intensive courses and it is necessary to be in good physical shape to take part. It's tiring to dive every day and have to match constant requirements. This is why we offer other options during this month of June dedicated to training so that you can also consider another pace.

You are allowed to participate in a maximum of two in-water sessions per day. After three consecutive days in the water, you are advised to take a one-day break to rest and study in the dry. It's important to plan rest days so that you can integrate your new skills and stay in shape.

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