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Freediving in Sharm el Sheikh... How, when, where, with who, etc..

Sharm el Sheikh is a very young city that got build very fast... maybe to fast. Dedicated mostly to all inclusive holidays into luxurious resorts, Sharm el Sheikh is a great place to learn freediving. The coral reefs are beautiful and preserved, the sea is warm and the visibility is generally over 20m. Added to that, the hotels in Sharm el Sheikh are very good, feature swimming pools and sometimes sea access... the best way to relax in between sessions.

Recommended hotels:

Renaissance Resort is located just around Fanar Beach which makes it super convenient for joining Deep Zen activities. It's super clean and has plenty of rooms, a spa, pools, a gym and a very nice buffet for those who choose the all inclusive treatment.

Amar Sina Hotel is one of the first hotels of Sharm el Sheikh. This one has charm and is nicely located in the periphery of Hadaba. It is maybe a little far from Fanar Beach by foot but a taxi will bring you there for around 25 egp.

Well, for those who stay long time, it is also possible to rent apartments, genarally much cleaner, bigger and cheaper than in Dahab. Delta Sharm is a great place to stay, even if personnaly i prefer the heart of Hadaba. If this is your choice, we will put you in contact with a flat brooker that has the habit of freedivers.

Freediving and leisure, a taste you can't miss in Sharm el Sheikh.

When you want to go freediving in Sharm el Sheikh you may have to go through a resort or a restaurant in order to get to the sea. Wild access are rare and often far from active center. It costs a few egyptians pounds (generally 60-100 egp) in exchange of which you'll be able to enjoy all facilities and equipment... sunbeds, showers, cafe, snacks or restaurant. It's convenient and easy, why would we argue? This way, reefs are also watched and preserved.

Fanar Beach is really a great place for freediving. It has it all: easy access, restaurants, cafes, showers... and a cool staff that will enjoy taking care of you. Speaking freediving, Deep Zen spot features depths from 20m to 75m.

The many freediving sites of Sharm el Sheikh

Once based in Sharm el Sheikh, there are various dive sites to freedive, simply snorkel and discover the beauties of Aqaba gulf. Freediving in dive sites such as Ras Mohamed or Tyran Island will definitely leave you great souvenirs. In these places, it is often that dolphins, rays and whale sharks can be seen... if amazing corals and colorful fishes are not enough for you.

There are so many great place to freedive in Sharm el Sheikh it's impressive. Deep Zen does organise freediving trips by car or zodiac. Check our spot here

In Sharm el Sheikh, the sea is deep straight from shore

Given the structure of the reef, there are some places that are more directly suitable for freediving training... these places generally offer a good depth very close from shore. It allows a better management of risks for the freedivers to train with an increased level of safety.

Facilities available in Sharm el Sheikh

Sharm el Sheikh features hospitals, visa and governmental offices, many resorts and restaurants, casinos, gigantic aquaparks, Olympic swimming pool, ice skating palace, big shopping malls and open markets, official telecoms shops, an hyperbaric chamber and more... such as an international airport.

What is Sharm el Sheikh not having?

The thing that Sharm does not have is charm. Distances are generally large in between where you stay and where you want to go and using taxis may be mandatory. Sharm el Sheikh features also blue buses that will give you a straight street ride for very cheap.. and there are some bike roads for the ever sporting people.

What about Freediving schools and courses?

In Sharm el Sheikh you'll find 3 main schools. 2 of them are more into superdeep diving and coaching, Deep Zen is more dedicated to simple freediving (with depth limited to around 75m), meditation and life coaching.

In any ways, we are here to assist you and make in sort of your stay will be the greatest ever... don't hesitate to contact us to gather the informations you need

See you soon

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