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From the Himalayas to the Depth of the Sea... the Tibetan formula "Padma 28 Active" (test review)

I discovered surfing the web looking for Swiss food supplements. Not only these had to be vegan and organic but also produced in an ethical and sustainable way. Added to that, i'm not gonna hide that i also was expecting top Swiss quality, fair price and something « not the usual stuff » . The idea behind it all was to contact such a matching with the highest standards company and propose them to test their product... hoping also that by that way i could reduce the food supplements budget of mine and discover new horizons of vitality.

Tibetan plant formula for the freediving zen monk... a great match for heights and depths

Being not only an old timer of meditation practice, i'm also an athlete freediver. The importance of food supplements in freediving is totally inevitable. Breatholds and hypoxic efforts trigger a lot of free radicals and exhaustion or overtraining in freediving are not rare and one could see its immune system being hardly exposed. Personnaly and like many other athletes, i do need something in addition of my nutrition, serious enough to boost or reboost me up. I take regular multivitamins and minerals but i was hoping to find something that goes beyond just playing the role of metabolic gazoline.

On the meditative side, i'm definitely aware of what's happening in my body and mind and how i can be influenced by this or that compound. I can recognise easily my deficiencies and understand the meaning of my cravings.

Achieving clarity and extreme focus of mind depends a lot on your nutrition and i have this sensitivity that allows me to feel and experience if some alternative intakes are game changers or not. I thought my pedigree was great for testing the plant formula of and that they would accept to consider the first step of a possible partnership.

From one type of supplement to another, even if the formula is the same, the difference of quality can be enormous... Padma stands on top of the highest quality standards

When i discovered and finally tried the formula Padma 28 Active of (i had to wait that someone could import them for me in Egypt since no postal service is available there), i could only assume and understand that i did not knew before what was real top class quality.

If i first got surprised by the packaging, i understood fast why such precautions are needed when i realised the freshness of the pills. I popped one out of its rack and instantly i could smell that very typical Tibetan smell, the one that reminded me of my favourite incenses, raw and natural. Up until that day, i was used to caps that were tasteless and without smell, so what a good and happy surprise i had with these Tibetan ones.

From the Top of the World to the Depth of the Sea... an Intuition

My intuition about the products of Padma was simple. I was wanting to believe, to not say i'm convinced, that there is a great complementary in between what comes from the top of the world and what one would need to go at ease, breathless, to the bottom of the sea. The state of hypoxia is known from Tibetan, they live it maybe everyday in the high mountains and adapted to it just how everything that grows there eventually adapted to match the slight lack of oxygen at high altitude. This is something freedivers of the deep share with the Tibetan culture. So, Tibetan must have plants dedicated to treat hypoxia and acts against the damaged that can come from a reduce intake of oxygen.

Tibetan knowledge is precious for Humanity and must be preserved

It is not because i am a zen monk that i am not interested by Tibetan culture and its very particular way to practice buddhism. To confess, i was much more attracted as a teenager and young adult (yeah ok and still today) by the magical and colourful aspects of the Tibetan Vajrahyana and yoga than by zen. My master was friend with eminent lamas and through them i could learn about medicine, energy, spirituality and their way of letting go through very specific rituals and traditions. I had access to teachings and got gifted some medicine that only monks give to other monks.

To keep it to a simple dimension and even if usually there are Japanese incense burning in most zen dojo, i love the tibetan incense. The smell is raw, pure and if you're lucky enough to experience the top quality of tibetan incense, i can insure you some are kind of psychoactive, a delicacy for the soul and the meditation space, a blessing for the breath, a treat for relaxation and peace of mind. Many of these incenses formula are not just meant to release an amazing scent, they are also wished be medicinal. Burning the sticks of well chosen plants, the monks would achieve deeper meditations, more vitality at work and more ease facing the intense discipline they surrendered to.

You can so imagine how enthusiastic i was when i rediscovered these same smells, those of my deepest and most incredible journeys to to world of spirit. I was even more enthusiastic with the idea that this time, i won't be burning these plants but swallowing them. What an incredible universe of knowledge hold the tibetan people. You must try these... but ok... first i finish the story.

In my mouth, the same, my full face got filled by that scent, i would almost like to say that energy so much the presence of the subtle was obvious. I could feel instantly the benefit of such a mix of plants, as if my mind was getting clearer and more open, followed by a will of detachment and focus. Readers, sincerely, that felt great and filled my heart with joy. Finally some food supplements that are not just bullshit and speed in caps.

The people in charge at told me to take 4 a day during my training and competition time.

I like to swallow pills, i don't have any problem with that and i'm sometimes convinced i won't be the difficult guy with food if i was an astronaut. Joke apart, i sticked to taking 4 every day, sometimes just 3 since i felt the first days that my body needed to adapt a bit gradually. This formula is another kind of stuff, it's not just a pure molecule purified in a lab but a mix of plants from Tibet, grown in Switzerland and conditioned in the most top quality Swiss processing factory. I mean, what could you possibly wish better than that. You understand ? Taking care of yourself and improving your vitality isn't just to have a coffee, regular vitamins and a good whip in the back, it's something one need to consider from a really deeper point of view in which body, mind and life exist in harmony.

Ok ok i continue... how does the Tibetan formula feels?

If i could feel pretty fast that i was more happy, more determined and focus in my daily activities, it took more time for me to notice how deep these plants were active in me. I had a new feeling, the feeling of being more deeply in connexion, my body with my mind. At was more at peace even if my daily life was a that moment determined by the competition targets, the intensive training and a very strict alimentation. I was definitely feeling great and started to understand that it was working and that it actually does a great job. Yunno, this formula is not like these pills that you take and feel that they just produce a very temporary or just a punctual effect. The Padma 28 Active was acting deeper and the synergy of the plants were clearly working beyond to restructure a great field of health in me.

Results are beyond positive. I'm enchanted and these Padma 28 Active caps are now part of my treasure

Maybe my english does not allow me to explain well my feelings in this first part of the test ; it's true that i'm not used to express in a very subtle way anyways. Maybe in french i could, but look : i took these pills during 3 weeks full on, 4 pills per day, all at once with my usual multivitamins and magnesium, everyday at about 9h30 on the morning (i do believe it is very important to take pills at the exact same time everyday or the chosen days) and i just felt totally empowered to jump in that freediving competition in which i scored second overall and during which i registered 3 new national records for Switzerland. What more could i expect from this plant formula ? I felt great, i felt that they were doing their job and i felt totally at peace with the quality standards.

After the competition, i took a break of all food supplements during a week and then just kept on taking 2 Padma active a day during around 10 days until today. I'm definitely saving what i have left for when the training will hit hard again. These caps are precious and it's really at that moment that i will need them the most. I'm enchanted, they totally did their job and even more, they kept me connected with the highest spheres of knowledge about wellbeing, medicine, plants and spirituality which are so important in my life. The complete perfection, i can't lie. I truly advice you to study them and try them you too, they may be exactly what you need mostly in the period of our world where everything seems to be needing a big and healthy breath.

Advising the caps to my wife... happy and healthy couple

At the beginning of the test i was keeping them a bit secret but after a certain time, i had to share with my wife that these pills were really great and that she should take some to. Not necessarily as much as me during training, but at least try during a week to see how it feels. She was first feeling a bit weak and lacking some vitality and she can now witness the efficiency of this plant mix and the unexpected depth at the one it acts inside.

Our personal stuff clearly left apart, she is difficult to convince mostly with food supplements with which she is very exclusive. So you have a double positive feedback, both from a very active man and from a more sedentary and online working woman, both from a couple that is really specific on what they believe being the best. So clearly... these Padma 28 Active caps will help you to achieve more vitality, more happiness and more enthusiasm into the exercise of your self, body and mind together.

Ancestral knowledge of plant synergy for you today

As i tried to make you feel, this plant mix is made to awaken a synergy in between these plants and the effects you can expect are not a « kick in the butt » but really an ancestral energy that comes from within and that will definitely help you with clarity, focus and ultimately with immunity.

That's it... it's not really my style to do direct advertisement but here in this case it's all totally safe from A to Z. Perfect stuff made in a perfect way and i look forward for you to tell me how your feelings have improved with the Padma 28 Active formula.

If my words about it all are not enough, please check all details about it all here... and if they are, it's the same exact way.

Have faith, keep it deep and enjoy life full on

PS : i don't think it's good to take something every day. You should listen carefully to yourself or seek advice when you doubt of the quantity and the frequency at the ones you should take supplements. You will see on the website of Padma that plenty of other plant mix are available. I seems to have understand that most will require a doc prescription. Yes my dear readers, it's real and improved medicine. Practice with care.

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