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Newsletter - June 2022 - Deep Zen Meditation & Freediving

Dear subscribers, hi everybody,

It's Loïc from Deepzen – Meditation & Freediving,

Here some news i was looking forward to share with you.

Freediving World Cup – Sharm el Sheikh:

Yes, I succeeded with the challenge of diving in constant weight monofin to 100m deep!!!

During the first round of the FreedivingWorld Cup in Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt, which took place from May 16 to 23, I broke my previous record of 90m three times by successively diving to 93m, then 96m and finally reach this mythical depth of 100m on the 7th day of competition. I am very happy with this result, also for Switzerland, for which it is a great premiere, and for all those who supported me during this adventure.

Swiss journalists are slowly interested in this record, I have a few interviews planned soon. Follow the premiere on my social networks. You can read Arnaud David's article in La Côte newspaper here:

Links :

Teaching Freediving in Sharm el Sheikh :

This competition over, I'm back in the calm waters of Fanar Beach, where one dives just for fun, to learn or to discover the wonders of the Gulf of Aqaba. I will be available to everyone in Sharm el Sheikh until around July 10-15. Hurry to get in touch to book dates during this period.

After this date, I will be in Switzerland for a while, certainly from July 15 to August 25, before returning to Fanar Beach to continue teaching and training those who, I hope like you, wish to add depth to their life and practice.

In the menu of the site, column "freediving courses", you will find all the necessary information to plan courses, training sessions and others such as prices or information on the diving spot.

If you have any questions or need some advice, you can contact me by chat on my whatsapp number.

Links :

A slideshow of photos of Ariel who came from Israel for a week of training in between AIDA2 and AIDA3 levels in the bay of Fanar Beach a few days ago

Travel to Switzerland, courses, events and workshops:

I plan to be in Switzerland during the school holidays. The opportunity for me, but also for you, to organize activities around breathwork, freediving and meditation. I have received a few requests to pass AIDA levels and we are trying to put this in place, particularly with les Apneistes Anonymes for sessions in Boudry.

I would also like to be able to offer activities around St-Prex but would gladly go anywhere for a few days, maybe for a slightly more intensive course? Above all, do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to participate in courses or activities during my stay in Switzerland and let me know your ambitions, projects as well as your dates and any conditions.

Also connect with les Apneistes Anonymes if you wish to be informed of our activities together.

Links :

Les Apnéistes Anonymes:

Swiss Championships

I'm used to being carefuland consider everything as a project until it's done and in the pocket, especially when it comes to competition and freediving. So I have the big project to go to the Swiss depth championship at Lake Zurich on August 20 of this year.

Want to be part of the adventure?

Would you like to train together for this challenge?

Again, do not hesitate to contact me to set up what can be...

Links :

Swiss Federation:

World's Championships

Another project, probably the last competitive event for me as an athlete this season, the CMAS World Championships in Turkey which will take place at the beginning of October. It is also with a view to obtaining my official Swiss selection that I will be going to the Lake Zurich championships.

So far, I have only had the opportunity to participate in competitions organized by AIDA, and therefore the records I have recorded there are not recognized by CMAS.

If that's eventually futile, it stays a big why not? The main obstacle will again be financial.

Links :

Looking for sponsors

I am surrounded by associations and organizations of irreproachable quality. With all of them I have established long term relationships that go far beyond a business partnership and which I hope will continue to evolve and grow.

Despite all our goodwill and despite the great generosity of some of my sponsors, I am still struggling to raise the necessary funds to definitely consider my participation in future competition events.

If my sponsors and I form strong pairs or teams, I am always looking for a main sponsor who can subsidize the budget of the freediver athlete that I am on the public scene and the competition circuit.

I approached an impressive number of companies, wrote and sent certainly hundreds of letters, spoke to several CEOs and made many commitments without real return, contract proposal or other. This rat race for sponsoring represents nearly 60% of the efforts I have to make to participate in competitions and represent Switzerland on the international scene. I really hope that a partnership able to face the budgetary challenge will be put in place soon and that the financial aspects of the competition will no longer be obstacles to success.

I hang tight, continue my research and requests with faith and enthusiasm, convinced that they will lead me to success when the day comes. If by chance you are friends with professionals who could benefit from a collaboration, do not miss the opportunity to say, at least, a few words about me.

Links :

Work Permit

In Egypt, the instructor of foreign nationality is working illegally and I can't accept myself to do fully do that. Freediving can be a dangerous exercise and I pride myself on offering a complete degree of excellence in the modest activities and courses I offer in Egypt.

So I started, a few years ago, the necessary negotiations to obtain a legal status as a freedive instructor in Egypt. I must tell you that it cost me an arm and that I sincerely hope that it will have a positive effect on freediving and its development in Egypt, but also for the development of the Deepzen school and its activities. I believe that I could announce to you in a few days to be the first freediving instructor legally recognized by the commission of nautical and underwater activities of Egypt. This is good news which I hope will lead to more.

Links :

Red Sea Marine Diving Center:

Online Education

Remember I am available online for one-on-one sessions. There are plenty of topics that I am about to videotape and make available for you to continue learning and marveling at the living, spiritual world. But sometimes there's something really wrong that you need specific help with. It's about you, it's important, about your life and the stakes of your actions or your dreams. Whether we are talking about vitality, psyche or more simply deep compensation, I am sure I can help you move forward.

Contact me if necessary and set up a first meeting to talk about it.

Links :

Zen Retreat and Workshops

Most probably, I will participate in the following retreats, respectively organized by the Sangha of Master Kosen (August) and the Ryukai sangha of Geneva (October).

Links :

During the winter of 2022-2023, Ardi Dahshur wished to invite me again to lead a silent retreat in her magnificent domain. I will let you know the dates as soon as possible, of course...

Hint : Have you ever visited the pyramids, the sphynx, the museum of ancient Egypt? This is the perfect opportunity for a trip to Upper Egypt, don't you think?

Links :


Lots of projects and lots of new stuff on the way. Gathering the money necessary for the pursuit of my activities, whether it is the development of the Deepzen school or my sports performance, but also to be able to rally the community of monks and nuns to share this knowledge acquired in the depths is the challenge that rises in the coming weeks. For that I give lessons, look for sponsors, beg in the streets of the metaverse, create new activities and weave links so that I can evolve other than alone.

I pray in peace and silence of heart to always practice good and transmit the joy of self-study and of the world of depths.

Sea you soon

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