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Takuhatsu – Sponsoring Request – Deep Zen Projects 2020-2021

I describe the projects a bit below, but first i wish to say a word about asking for sponsorship... about begging for money, equipment, support...

Monks beg for their food, this is the rule. Not that they aren't able to work the ground and make grow food. Not that they aren't able to work for a boss or customers and use their salary in the way they wish. It is just the rule. Same goes for spiritual food. It may sound traditional, but it is simply and just the way it goes. Some monks understand this, others don't.

Takuhatsu and good karma

To not show that this make them feel uncomfortable, they wear these traditional hats to hide their faces. As weird as it may sound to the unaccustomed noun people, by begging they also offer the possibility to everyone to participate to the achievement of their mission and help everyone to purify their karma from greed and attachment.

Of course i've been accused to be a begging enterprise by people i love and this has sadly thrown me into a hell of suffering and doubts from which i came back stronger, determined to battle for my visions, goals and projects. No one should ever wait to be perfect to keep on doing what they know is good ... and ask for support.

Sponsoring documents ready to be sent

Practically speaking, i finished to write down, in french and english, some documents describing what i wish to realise for this year and the coming one, what i expect and what i can offer in return. Obviously i am again targeting some freediving records, but i also wish to develop my meditation and freediving school « Deep Zen ». With your help, this can only be another success.

These documents are meant to be sent to enterprises, organisations, communities and friends. So if you, or some people you know, could have interest for my projects and wish to study my partnership propositions, then please contact me without waiting. I'll be very honoured to share these documents with you and them.

Already convinced by these projects?

If you feel like giving a hand without necessarily subscribing to a proper partnership deal, you can follow these links :

or you can use my bank datas (France): please contact me

Freediving Projects: Swiss National Records

and Deep Zen Education Center

My goals with Freediving and Deep Zen Education Center

Check this link to know what the media think of my adventures:

I'm naturally creative and hard-working. I am not afraid of effort and my projects often take the form of missions.

While developing in parallel my diving and meditation school "Deep Zen" in Sharm el Sheikh (dedicated to adults but also to children), I am determined to continue competing despite the sacrifices that this implies and ready to set new records.

With your help, I am sure that this project will once again take the direction of success.

Swiss national record in bifins diving (CWTB): Actual record holder with 76m and having registered the national CWT record (84m) with the same set of bifins (, my goal is to reach the same depth in this category.

Swiss national records in FIM and CWT: it is rare that competitions are focused on only one discipline. Therefore, I will also dive into these two disciplines in future competitions. My goal is to dive beyond 84m and try to reach 90m.

Swiss national record for no fin diving (CNF): it is currently held by Pascal Berger who has stopped competing. To win this challenge, I will have to dive without fins, without using the guidance roap at a depth of 68m. This discipline is for me the one that requires the most serious training. Currently, my deepest dive in this discipline so far is 61m.

Swiss National Record in Variable Weight Diving (VWT): with the variable weight we enter the abyss. Also held by Pascal Berger, the current Swiss record is 131m. In order to reach such depths, I will have to familiarize myself with a completely different diving style... less physical, more mental. It is a project that is close to my heart for the future because in order to progress safely, you have to be patient. The cost of training with variable weight is important and is generally the reason why only a few athletes embark on this discipline.

Deep Zen Meditation and Freediving Education Center: Few years ago i decided to come and live in South Sinai. This land is by definition a holy land for many religions. To establish here a meditation and freediving center seems to be the perfect place. Wonderful reefs, deep waters, desert, plenty of samu to do (help the collective), the presence of the oldest monastery in the world, the mount Sinai... It is a beautiful land in which i would love to bring what i can share the best: the dharma of sitting silent meditation and the practice of freediving.

You want to know more?

Please contact me so i can send you the fully detailed documents and schedule an appointment to talk about what you wish to receive in exchange of your help.

Faith and courage

Blessings and thanks

Kosho Loïc Vuillemin

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